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The Ipsos Affluent Survey, the media survey among global affluents

The Ipsos Affluent Survey is a survey designed to measure the media and consumption habits of the most affluent consumers and top business decision makers on the planet.

The survey in Europe has enjoyed the status of the industry standard for multi-country planning since its conception in 1995, when it was originally named EMS back then (European Media and Marketing Survey). Nowadays Ipsos Netherlands examines the habits of the affluent population in 39 countries across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

The Affluent Surveys are part of the Ipsos suite of Affluent surveys, also covering the Ipsos Affluent Survey Asia Pacific (formerly known as PAX) and the Ipsos Affluent Survey USA (formerly known as the Mendelsohn survey). Due to this broad offer of regions, Ipsos Netherlands is not only in the position to offer a combined dataset for Affluent EMEA, but also a reflection of an even more global universe, by combining our survey regions with Asia Pacific – released as The Ipsos Global Affluent Survey.

As of 1 January 2015, all of the EMS surveys have been rebranded to Ipsos Affluent Survey.

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Ipsos Affluent Survey

As of 1 January 2015, the EMS survey has been rebranded to Ipsos Affluent Survey.

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Ipsos Affluent Survey 20 years

This year Ipsos celebrates 20 years of the European Media and Marketing Survey (EMS), or as it is called now, The Ipsos Affluent Survey Europe. 20 years of tracking the Affluent, with their disposable income and whom are disproportionately important to most marketers of products and services. June 11, Ipsos released the Affluent Survey Europe 2015

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- EMS new Digital Currency, in Europe release for the 1st time
- EMS Latin America to be released for the 1st time, Q4

- Turkey included in Europe release
- EMS Middle East’s 2nd release
- EMS Africa’s 2nd release
- EMS / comScore Webplanner in Europe released for the 1st time; multi media planning tool
- First release Global database GEMS; combined data Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific

- First release EMS Africa
- EMS 2.0; less questions, more data

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